Recipes for success

Jotun and its partner NKM from Japan were the first antifouling suppliers to recognise the full potential of the silyl antifouling technology. 

There is no substitution to experience and with more than 10,000 vessels applied, SeaQuantum is recognised as the benchmark in the market.

SeaQuantum is a market leading antifouling brand designed to optimize hull performance and vessel efficiency by minimizing frictional resistance during operation. 

Since introduced more than 15 years ago SeaQuantum has contributed to improving the environmental profile of the shipping industry by saving ship owners tonnes of fuel and thereby reducing CO2 emissions. 

A series of product within the SeaQuantum brand offers the customer tailor made solutions fit for specific needs stretching from coastal low activity trade to deep sea high speed operations. 

Jotun is having a pioneering and driving role in the process of international standardisation of hull performance measurements. Such initiatives of promoting transparency to enable further improvements of the environmental profile of the shipping industry, is a part of our strategy to strengthen our role as the global authority within the field of marine coatings.

Seven Havila protected with SeaQuantum

Seven Havila protected with SeaQuantum